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Frequently asked questions about bitwallet in Q&A format.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : Managing wallet

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What is the procedure for canceling an account?

Please contact our support desk for cancellation procedures.

Click here for the contact form

If you have remaining funds in your account, please register your withdrawal bank account and complete the full withdrawal procedure minus the withdrawal fee.
(If your account status is Trial, you can register your withdrawal bank account after you submit verification documents and get approval)

How do I switch my personal account to a business account?

After logging in to bitwallet, you can switch to a business account from the “Account Information” account type on the “Settings” page in the menu.
The verification documents required for business (corporate) accounts are different from those for personal (individual) accounts.

For information on the verification documents

What is Account Status?

Account Status is a system that extends the range of services available to you based on your usage and the submission of various documents. The status will be increased step by step according to the customer’s usage record. Customers who have used the service frequently will receive up to a 50% discount on withdrawal fees. For more information, please see the following link.

For information on Account Status

What are the different types of account statuses?

There are four account statuses: Trial, Basic, Pro, and Unlimited. After opening your account, your initial status will be set to Trial. Upon approval of your submitted certificates, your account will be upgraded to Basic status and you will be able to use various services. For details, please log in to bitwallet and see the page “What is Account Status? page of the menu “Summary”.

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How do I upgrade my account status from Trial to Basic?

After submitting various verification documents, your account status will be raised from Trial to Basic once approval is completed. Verification documents can be submitted from the menu “Verification documents” under “Settings”.

For information on verification documents

I am going to upgrade my device. Is there any procedure I need to follow?

Please check your account information (phone number, email address, and 2-Factor Authentication settings) before switching to a new device. If your registered information is not up-to-date, you may not be able to log in to your account after switching to a new device. Also, please transfer your 2-Factor Authentication to the new device while the old device is still usable.
For details on how to transfer 2-Factor Authentication, please refer to the following link.

Click here to learn how to transfer 2-Factor Authentication


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