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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) : How to make a payment between bitwallet users

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What are the fees for paying other bitwallet users?

For all fees, please check the following link.

For a list of all fees

When will payments to other bitwallet users be reflected?

It will be reflected immediately.

Can the payer bear the commission fee?

Commissions are paid by the payer.

What currencies are accepted for payment?

Payments can be made in the four currencies in wallet: “Japanese Yen”, “US Dollar”, “Euro”, and “Australian Dollar”.

What are the payment methods between users?

Please see the following link for payment options.

Make a payments between users

Payment between users allows you to specify your preferred date and time, and to schedule a payment appointment.

Schedule a payment between users

In addition, bitwallet includes the ability to make recurring payments of a fixed amount each month, or in a specified month.

Make a recurring payment reservation between users

You can specify multiple payees and make up to 99 batch payments.

Make a bulk payment to multiple users

After completing the payment procedure between users, you can check the payment details in your transaction history.

View payment history between users

It is not possible to cancel after the payment process is completed. In the unlikely event that you have made a payment to the wrong payee, or if the payment is not reflected in the recipient’s wallet after it has been made, please contact us using the contact form.

Click here for the contact form


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