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Fulfill your payment requests with a single click by using bank account transfers to top-up and make payments. bitwallet offers various bank transfer methods equipped with the most advanced security features.
Experience cost-free payments from your bank account.

Simple transfer with bitwallet OneCoin Remittance

Enjoy fast and simple remittance service with just one-coin (1 USD, 100 JPY, 1 EUR, 1 AUD) when you send money using bitwallet.

The payer will bear the fee.

Process in real time 24 hours, 365 days.

OneCoin Payment is Bitwallet Service Group registered trademark.

  • 受取人は、登録のある法人もしくは個人事業主で、ビジネス目的での受取りに利用される場合に限られます。

OneCoin Payment

1 USD or 100 JPY or 1 EUR or 1 AUD

Transfer with just 100 JPY at bitwallet.

Payment between fellow bitwallet users is made easier with bitwallet OneCoin Remittance service. When you make a payment, the transfer fee are mostly borne by our merchants as to reduce transactional cost for customers.

bitwallet Payment

Send (Currency)

Method Fee Amount Time to reflect
Remittance between bitwallet users

OneCoin Payment™
at 1.00 USD, 100 JPY, 1.00 EUR, 1.00 AUD

1.00 USD~Unlimited

100 JPY~Unlimited

1.00 EUR~Unlimited

1.00 AUD~Unlimited

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