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More added features available as you use

  • Account Status

    Upgrade your account status as you upload the required identity verification documents. Widen more added features. Enjoy deposit and withdrawal fee at half rate as you accumulate account usage.

    The account status will change as you use within the year. More add features and privilege will be made available to you.

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    Registration Status & Usage


    For first-time users, use bitwallet trial without verification documents submission.


    Enjoy all bitwallet features upon uploading every verification documents.


    Users with fixed deposit gets to withdraw with 25% less the usual fee.(※1)


    Enjoy another 50% less withdrawal fee as you use more.(※1)

    • Verification Documents Submission

      • ID Selfie verification completed

      • Proof of current residential verification completed (issued within 3 months)

    • Security

      • Successfully completed two-factor authentication with token

    • Usage

      • Deposit amount within a year

        10,000 USD and above

        30,000 USD and above

      • Times of deposit, withdrawal and sending transactions within a year

        10 times and above

        30 times and above

    • The discount only applies to the fixed withdrawal fee.

    Available Services





    • Deposit & Storage

      • Deposit by all credit/debit cards (※1)

        Limit 300 USD / one time only

        Limit 25,000 USD / month

        Limit 50,000 USD / month


      • Deposit by joint bank account (Japan & Overseas Bank)


    • Withdraw

      • Withdraw by bank transger (Japan & Overseas Bank)


        Unlimited(※2) & 25% less fee

        Unlimited(※2) & 50% less fee

    • Payment

      • Send currency between bitwallet users


    • Exchange & Funds Transfer

      • Exchange between currency


    • The maximum limit before an card is validated will be 300 USD and 5,000 USD after validating (upload the front and back of the card to do so).
    • For Personal (Individuals) accounts, withdrawl limit up to US $5,000 at a time /up to US$20,000 a day.
      For japanese nationals, the maximum withdrawal amount (with the exception of the Japanese yen) is capped at 20,000 US dollars, once per day.

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