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Open an Account with bitwallet: The Basic Requirement

For bitwallet account application, you will need to follow the requirements below.

Personal Account Application

Business Account Application

Documents Required for a Wallet Account

To use your wallet, you will need to submit the required documents below.

Verify Your Identity on bitwallet: The Document Requirement

In accordance with the “Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds”, bitwallet requires thorough identity verification to protect your valuable assets. Therefore, we ask you to submit your “Identity Verification Document” and “Current Address Verification Document”.

Please refer to the list below for an overview of the list certificates you will need to submit.
You can check the details of the submitted materials in your account after opening a new wallet.

1. Identity verification documents

We will ask you to submit a photo identification of the person who register the wallet (individual) and a selfie (facial recognition).

We have introduced selfies (facial recognition) to confirm your submission.This allows you to identify yourself more closely than face-to-face, even online.

2. Proof of Current Address

Please submit a document with the current address of the wallet founder (individual).
It must be within 3 months of public utility bills, receipts, materials issued by government offices, etc.

3. Documents Required for Business User (Business Account only)

We ask you to submit documents regarding the corporate registration of the wallet founder (corporate).

4. Certificates with official seal (Business Account only)

Please submit the corporate seal confirmation materials of the wallet founder (corporate).

5. Proof of Current Company Address (Business Account)

Please submit a document with the name of the wallet founder (corporate) and his current address.

6. Declaration of beneficial ownership (Only for Business account)

We ask you to submit several documents on the substantive ruler.

Account Registration Process

The registration process for bitwallet account is as follows:

Account Registration Process


Register from any devices. Enter your basic information on the registration page to get it started.


A verification link will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Enter other necessary information to proceed.


Login and upload your identity verification documents, proof of residential address and ID Selfie on Verification Documents Submission page.


Application gets processed within approximately 24 hours on business days. Once it has been verified and approved, your account information will be sent to you via e-mail.
※It may take some time depending on the application status.

and it’s done! Quick and Easy.

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