API Specification

Program Specification for Developers

bitwallet Web API

bitwallet provides a holistic explanation in the API specification such as bitwallet API and bitwallet Exchange API for developers. bitwallet Merchant API allows merchant account connect to our payment and authentication services for a seamless payment environment.

bitwallet Web API

bitwallet Payment API(BPA)

BPA is a gateway API for bitwallet credit card transaction, allowing easy payment process (credit card and bank transfer) on bitwallet platform.

BPA Specification (Preparing)

bitwallet Exchange API(BEA)

BEA is a currency exchange specialised API available on bitwallet platform. BEA is divided into two types, Public API and Secure API. Public API does not employ user authentication while Secure API requires authentication. Public API provides hybrid data such as pricing information and Secure API guarantee the confidentiality of the information, deposit and withdrawal it processes via API.

BEA Specificaion (Preparing)

bitwallet Merchant API(BMA)

BMA is an API that bitwallet has implemented with wallet feature on its platform. The API is specialised and targeted for merchant account by integrating bitwallet payment system, wallet features and allowing OpenID Connect identity authentication on their websites.

BMA Specification (2024.04.15) ver.2.01

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