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Change your nickname

bitwallet allows you to register a nickname of your choice for your account. For the payments between users, it is possible to identify the payer and payee by nickname. Nicknames registered when opening a new wallet can be changed any number of times after the wallet is opened.

This section explains the procedure for changing your nickname.

1. Select “Settings” (①) from the menu, and click “Change” (②) in “Nickname” under “Account Information”.

2. On the “Change of Nickname (Display)” screen, enter your new nickname (①) and click “Next” (②).

Nicknames can be any combination of characters including hiragana, katakana, kanji, alphabet, numbers, and symbols. Please enter your favorite nickname within 32 single-byte characters and 16 double-byte characters.

3. On the confirmation screen, confirm the changes and click “Save”.

4. When “Nickname (Display Name) Changed Successfully” is displayed, the nickname change is complete. Click “Back to Top”.

5. When the “Account Information” screen appears, confirm that your nickname has been changed.

6. After the nickname change is completed, an email titled “Nickname Changed Successfully” will be sent to your registered email address.
The email will include the nickname before and after the change.

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