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Guide on how to use bitwallet

Open a new business account

Domestic and foreign corporate clients can open a bitwallet business (corporate) account and a merchant account. Business accounts must be opened by a representative of the company who is at least 20 years old.

This section explains the procedure for opening a new business (corporate) account.

1. Click “Create Wallet” on the bitwallet page.

2. On the “bitwallet New Registration” screen, select the country in which your corporation is registered under “Country of Residence” (①), enter your “Email address” (②), and then click “Next” (③).

3. Under “Select the type of account,” select “Business(Company)Account” (①) and click “Next” (②).

4. Confirm the displayed information, check “I am not a robot” (①) and click “Register” (②).

5. That’s all for the initial registration process for opening a new business (corporate) account.

6. After the initial registration of your business account is completed, an email titled “Business Account Registration” will be sent to your registered email address.
The email will include a link to open a business (corporate) account. Click on the link to open an account.

The link to open an account expires within one hour after the email with the link is sent. If the link has expired, please reopen your account from the beginning.

7. Click on the link to open an account and set a password (①).
Once the password has been set, click on the “Registration of membership information” button (②) to proceed to the customer information entry screen.
When the “Create Wallet (Business Account)” screen appears, enter your information. After entering the necessary information for your application, click the “Next” button to proceed to the confirmation screen.

For confirmation of the various terms and conditions, click “Confirm” to confirm the various terms and conditions, and then click “Agreed”.

8. After reviewing the registration information displayed, click the “Complete” button.

9. When the “Completing the new wallet was opened.” message appears, your business account registration is complete. Click the “Go to bitwallet” button to open your account page.

10. After completing the full business account registration, an email titled “Business Account Registration has been completed” will be sent to the registered email address.

This registration completion email includes the “account type” and the “email address” registered as the account ID.
Please check your “Secure ID Information” after logging in to your account.

If you wish to open a “Merchant Account” to receive sales proceeds via bitwallet, please open a business account first. After that, please submit your company’s verification documents and the representative’s certificate to bitwallet, and once your application is approved by bitwallet, you will be able to apply for a “Merchant Account”.

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