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User Guide: Currency Exchange

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View your transaction history

In the “Transaction History” section of bitwallet, you can view a list of your various transaction history, including deposits, withdrawals, payments between users, and currency exchanges. You can extract specific transaction histories by time period or transaction details, or by specifying the transaction ID assigned to each transaction.

Check the real-time rates and charts

bitwallet provides real-time rates and charts to help you exchange the following currencies: USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, and AUD/EUR. Exchange Rates allows you to easily check the exchange price of each currency pair at any time, as well as price trends over time.

Use the bitwallet simulator

The “bitwallet simulator” is a currency exchange simulation tool to help you with your transactions. You can check in advance the exchange rate applied when exchanging currency and the amount of money after conversion.

Exchange currency

bitwallet allows you to hold four currencies in one wallet account: US dollars, Japanese yen, Euro, and Australian dollars. Currency funds in the wallet account can be exchanged in real time at the latest exchange rate at the time of processing. There are no fees for currency exchange.

View Summary

The “Summary” of bitwallet allows you to check your account status, wallet information, and transaction history at a glance.

About bitwallet

bitwallet is an online wallet that allows users to centrally manage four currencies (US dollar, Japanese yen, Euro, and Australian dollar) in real time. It is operated by Bitwallet Service Group of Singapore.

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