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Send a billing request

bitwallet has a billing request function that makes it easy to collect funds between bitwallet users. You can send a billing request by specifying the email address of the billing recipient.

If you are using a merchant account, you can send billing requests to parties who do not have a bitwallet account.

This section explains the procedure for sending a billing request.

1. Select “Payment Request” (①) from the menu and click “Send Bill” (②).

2. Select “Sender” (①) in the “Registration of invoice and billing” section.
If you wish to bill a registered billing address, check “Choose from the registered billing address” (②), select “Billing Address” (③), enter the “Invoice amount” (④) and optional “Invoice number” (⑤) and “Message” (⑥), and then click “Next” (⑦).

To bill a non-registered billing address, enter the “Recipient Email Address”, “Billing Name”, “Billing payment method”, and “Invoice amount”, then click “Next”.
(The “billing details”, “Invoice number”, and “Message” fields are optional.)

3. Confirm the information entered in the “Check the invoice and billing” screen, and click “Send Request”.

4. When the “Completed” message appears, The billing procedure is complete. Click “Back to Top”.

5. you can check the status of your billing request in your transaction history under “Payment Request” in the menu.

6. After the billing process is completed, an email titled “Payment Request has been sent” will be sent to your registered email address. The email will include request ID, billing account, account name, amount, and item name.

An email titled “[Important] Payment Request Received” will be sent to the billing recipient. The email will include request ID, sender account, account name, amount, and item name.

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