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Deposit via bank transfer

In addition to domestic remittances, bitwallet also accepts overseas remittances. When making a transfer, please enter your name and the Account identification number assigned to you in the remittance source name. If you do not enter your name and Account identification number, it may take some time for the funds to be reflected in your wallet.

bitwallet requires that the source account be in your own name and that the source name matches the name registered with bitwallet. We do not accept any deposits made in the name of a third party.

This section explains the procedure for making a deposit by bank wire transfer.

1. Select “Deposit” (①) from the menu and click “Bank Account” (②).

2. When “Bank Deposit” appears, check “I have read and understood the above.” (①) and click “Show allocated account information” (②) after confirming the details.

3. After confirming the “Deposit reflection time”, click “Send account information to my e-mail”.

4. Confirm the remitter’s name in the deposit bank information, and click “Back to Top”.

5. An email titled “Bank Deposit Account Information” will be sent to your registered email address.
After confirming the bank account information in the e-mail, please complete the transfer procedure at a bank counter, ATM, or Internet banking.

Please enter your 8-digit account identification number and your name (in Roman or Japanese katakana) in the “Name of the remitter” field when making the transfer.

6. Log in to bitwallet and confirm that your deposit amount is reflected in your “Wallet Balance” (①). You can also check your deposit history in the “Transaction History” (②).

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