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Upload a photo

bitwallet allows you to register your favorite photos and images on the “Summary” screen that appears after you log in. Photos can be registered with a simple operation and can be changed as many times as you like.

By registering photos and images on the Summary screen that appears after login, you can create your own original page.

This section explains the procedure for uploading a photo.

1. Select “Summary” (①) from the menu, click “+ Upload Photo” (②) under the human-shaped icon, and upload the image you wish to display on the Summary screen.

Image file extensions that can be registered are “JPEG (JPG)”, “PNG”, “GIF”, “BMP”, or “TIFF”.

2. Confirm that the selected image is displayed on the “Summary” screen.

To change a photo already registered on the “Summary” screen, click “+Change Photo” (①) and upload the image you wish to display.
To delete a registered photo, click “-Delete Photo” (②) and select “OK” when the confirmation screen is displayed.

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