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Yen exchange handling fee

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The yen exchange handling fee is charged when sending money overseas in yen without converting it into a foreign currency. In the case of a normal overseas remittance in which money is sent in foreign currency, exchange fees must be paid, but in the case of remittances in yen, no exchange fees are charged because money is not converted into foreign currency.

The amount of the yen exchange handling fee depends on how much the bank or international money transfer service company adds to the exchange rate. Since the fee is not set at a certain amount, the burden of the fee varies depending on the amount of money transferred.

However, many banks and international money transfer service companies have minimum amounts, so even small amounts will incur fees.

The yen exchange handling fee is a fee borne by the sender of the yen remittance. Other fees borne by the sender include remittance fees, intermediary bank fees, and receiving fees.

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