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UnionPay Card

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A UnionPay card is a card that comes with UnionPay, China’s international card brand. About half of Chinese people own a UnionPay card, making it the most common means of payment in China.

The UnionPay brand has continued to grow along with the development of the Chinese economy, with the total number of cards issued exceeding 6 billion as of April 2017. It is also said that the total number of credit and debit cards issued is the largest in the world. However, the credit card credit system is still not well developed in China.

Therefore, most cards issued are debit cards with immediate debit from the account. Because of restrictions on taking out foreign currency in China, UnionPay cards are essential for Chinese nationals to make expensive purchases abroad.

Perhaps for this reason, the number of UnionPay card merchants in Japan is increasing, and UnionPay cards are accepted at many stores.

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