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unembossed card

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How to read in Japanese: unembossed card

An unembossed card is a credit card that does not have an embossed surface like an e-money card. The surface of a typical credit card is embossed with text indicating “card number, name, and expiration date,” which is used when printing slips with an imprinter used for payment.

However, in Japan and other developed countries overseas, payment using credit inquiry terminals with online communication has become common, and stores using imprinters are in the minority.

Unembossed cards are less costly for the issuer because there is no need for embossing, and for the user, the card information is less likely to be stolen from the embossed text. If you are traveling to places where there is no online communication and imprinters are the norm, you can rest assured that you will have an imprinter-compatible credit card.

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