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receiving fee

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How to read in Japanese: receiving fee

Receiving fee refers to the fee paid to the bank when receiving money transferred overseas. Fees are paid to the bank that processed the receipt.

The remittance and exchange fees associated with overseas remittances must always be borne by the sender, but in the case of receiving fees, they vary depending on the situation and the financial institution.

If the sender cannot pay the fee, the receiving fee is deducted from the amount transferred. Even if the sender bears the receiving fee, an additional charge will be made if the amount is more than expected.

In addition, a lifting charge is applied instead of a remittance fee when the same type of currency is remitted, and a Japanese yen exchange handling fee is applied when remittances are made in yen overseas. The lifting charge upon receipt is applied when making a deposit in the same currency as that in which the money was transferred.

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