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Personal Credit Information Center

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The Personal Credit Information Center is an organization that records and manages personal credit information in order to facilitate consumer credit. Personal credit information includes one’s attributes, credit card and cash advance contract status, and transaction status such as borrowing and repayment.

In addition to monthly repayment status, the center also manages information on delinquencies and debt consolidation. The significance of the Personal Credit Information Center is that it can share information on the members of each company.

It is both costly and difficult for each company to do enough credit information on individuals to verify all of the information. Therefore, each company obtains information on individuals through a personal information center.

Lenders, credit card companies, and consumer credit companies subscribe to the Personal Credit Information Center and request the center to inquire about personal credit information when necessary.

Upon request, the center provides the registered information to financial institutions, which use the information to make decisions on loans. As of 2018, there are three personal credit information centers in Japan.

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