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How to read in Japanese: Kumimodoshi

Cancellation of a remittance after it has been processed is called “Kumimodoshi” in the terminology of financial institutions.

A common case in point is when a payer realizes that he/she has made some kind of mistake or misunderstanding after making a transfer and asks the payee to refund the remittance to him/her.

However, once the money has been credited to the account, the recipient’s approval is required in order to refund the money. Therefore, once the transfer has been completed, the money will not necessarily be refunded even if you complete the cancellation procedure of remittance. In addition, a correspondent agreement may be concluded between a foreign bank and a bank in the home country in order to ensure smooth remittance when transferring funds overseas.

When remitting funds overseas through a correspondent financial institution, the number of financial institutions through which the funds are sent increases, so you should carefully check which rate is applied at the time of the remittance when you make the cancellation procedure of remittance.

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