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In every country in the world, central banks (in Japan, the Bank of Japan) generally print banknotes. However, banknotes are only accepted if the issuing institution has creditworthiness. In other words, if an institution with creditworthiness issues the banknotes, then other than the central bank, it is possible to produce marketable banknotes.

Banknotes issued independently by the government, which is a period of high creditworthiness along with the central bank, are called government notes. There was a time in Japan when government notes were issued by the former Meiji government.

Overseas, they were issued during the Civil War and in the United States when Kennedy was in office as the 35th president. In general, government notes are issued by governments that are in dire financial straits and do not wish to further increase their government debt.

Although the issuance of notes will help finance the government, there is concern that it will trigger hyperinflation because it will increase the amount of money available in the market.

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