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How to read in Japanese: DDoS

DDoS stands for “Distributed Denial of Service attack”. A similar term is DoS attack, which stands for “Denial of Service attack”. The literal translation is denial of service attack.

Attacks that overload web servers by sending large numbers of requests, for example, and force them to suspend services. It is a generic term that does not refer to a specific attack method, but rather to attacks aimed at disrupting or stopping services in general.

In the case of DDoS, the word “distributed” means “distributed”, so it is called a distributed DoS attack. DoS attacks are carried out from a single computer, whereas DDoS attacks are carried out from multiple computers sending packets simultaneously to a target.

Because the packets are not sent directly from the mastermind’s computer, but rather from several ordinary computers that have been hijacked and are being controlled by malware infection, etc., it is difficult to identify the culprit. It is said that the best countermeasure is for individual administrators to thoroughly manage their computers to prevent them from being infiltrated by malware.

The main targets of DDoS attacks are banking systems, online shopping platforms, and other services commonly used in online life.

While the virtual currency market was at an all-time high in 2017, exchanges were plagued by DDoS attacks. Major virtual currency exchanges such as POLONIEX have also been hit by DDoS attacks, each time causing outages and loss of access.

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