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A corporate card is a credit card for corporations, especially for large companies. Similarly, corporate credit cards, also called business cards, are for small and medium-sized companies and sole proprietors.

The most important benefit of introducing a corporate card is the simplification of expense reimbursement for business travel and entertainment expenses. For employees who use the card, the benefits are the elimination of cash advances and the elimination of the need to prepare expense reimbursement forms.

For the administrative department, the ability to manage expense usage histories in one place simplifies reimbursement operations and helps control costs. Another advantage is the reduction of bank transfer fees by consolidating payments to credit card companies.

There are two types of corporate card payment methods: company payment type and personal payment type. In the case of the personal settlement type, the amount is debited from your personal account, so you can use it for personal use and earn points personally.

For this reason, there are examples of employee benefit programs in which the company pays the annual membership fee and the use of the program is free.

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