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bank-affiliated credit card

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How to read in Japanese: bank-affiliated credit card

These cards are issued by bank-affiliated credit card companies. Bank-affiliated credit cards tend to be more difficult to screen. However, if you already have an account and have a track record of using the account to receive your salary or to debit your utility bills, this is a positive factor during the screening process.

Some bank credit cards are integrated with cash cards. While this makes it easier to manage with a single card, it also means that you will not be able to use the bank’s ATMs if you lose it.

One of the advantages of using a bank-affiliated credit card is the various preferential treatment offered by banks. A widely known services offered by many banks is preferential after-hours ATM fees and bank transfer fees.

In addition, by using credit cards on a regular basis and making sure to repay them, you can build a track record of “ability to pay”. As a result, the screening process for loans such as mortgages will be smoother, and you may also benefit from preferential interest rates.

Having a “stable income” is considered one of the criteria for bank credit cards. Therefore, it tends to be relatively easy to be issued a credit card if you have opened an account to receive salary. This credit card is also recommended for new workers who have no track record of credit use.

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