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Request to configure two-factor authentication for the prevention of unauthorized login


Recently, there has been an increasing number of cases that users’ E-mail accounts being hacked by a third party. The third party tried to retrieve credentials from the users’ email account and attempt to gain unauthorized access into the user’s bitwallet account without their consent.

Although we have implemented multiple security measures to detect login attempts that are considered to be unauthorized, we would like to advice all users to set up two-factor authentication to further prevent any unauthorized access.

■ Two-factor authentication configuration

Please set up “Two-factor authentication” to protect your account from unauthorized login.

By configuring the two-factor authentication, every login will require the owner of the account to authorize the access to the account. No third party will be allowed to have access to the users’ account even if the account credentials has been obtained externally.

How to set up two-factor authentication

■ Change password

If the same email address and password are set for multiple services including Bitwallet,Changing the password for each service is recommended as it decreases the risk of unauthorized access.

How to change Bitwallet login password

*To change the login password, you need to log in from a web browser such as Google Chrome.

■ Unable to login

If you are unable login because you do not know your password, please re-set your password from the page below.

How to reset the login password

■ Inquire about unauthorized access

If you have realized any unauthorized actions or transactions have been executed on your behalf, kindly drop an inquiry to us via the inquiry form as follows.

Bitwallet Inquiry Form

Thank you for your continued support as our bitwallet team will strive to provide an efficient and versatile digital wallet service that suits a wider range of audience.

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