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User Guide: Merchant Settings

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Restrict access source IP addresses

bitwallet allows you to restrict the IP addresses that can access the API. IP addresses that are allowed access must be registered in advance.

Send API security codes

To use bitwallet’s API (Application Program Interface), you will need an API security code. If you have a merchant account, you can have an API security code sent to your registered email address on the Registration Information and Settings page.

View API Specifications

If you have a merchant account, you can implement bitwallet’s API into your system and easily add bitwallet’s various services.
The API (Application Program Interface) specifications are available to facilitate development.

Set up a payer for remittance fees

The bitwallet merchant account allows merchants to set who will be responsible for remittance fees when collecting the funds from customers through bitwallet. The fee payer can be easily switched on the “Settings” page.

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