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The “Summary” of bitwallet allows you to check your account status, wallet information, and transaction history at a glance.

This section explains the “Summary”.

(1) Wallet Balance Displays the current wallet balance by currency.
(2) Menu Displays deposit and withdrawal procedures, payments between users and currency exchange, and menus for changing various settings.
(3) Name information and account status Displays your registered name and current account status.
(4) Last login date and time Displays the last login date and time.
(5) View Usage Displays the period covered by the results, the cumulative amount of deposits, and the cumulative number of deposits, withdrawals, and payments made during the most recent year.
(6) Account Information Displays account activation status, account status, available services, account type, account ID number, and nickname.
(7) Announcement Displays announcements from bitwallet.
(8) Transaction History Displays the transaction history of deposit/withdrawal, payment between users, and currency exchange.
(9) Inquiries Displays the Contact Us page. The number shown indicates the number of replies from the support desk.
(10) Confirmation of message Displays the notifications message sent after changes to your registered information or deposits, withdrawals, and payment procedures, as well as when the support desk replies to your inquiries. The number displayed indicates the number of messages.
(11) Log out Log out of bitwallet.
(12) Display Language Change the display language. Japanese, English, and Chinese are supported.
(13) Help Displays bitwallet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

To view the available services, click on “View Dashboard” (①) in the account information. You can check the services currently available (②) among deposit to bank account, deposit by card, payment between users, and withdrawal to bank account.

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