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Guide on how to use bitwallet

About bitwallet

bitwallet is an online wallet that allows users to centrally manage four currencies (US dollar, Japanese yen, Euro, and Australian dollar) in real time. It is operated by Bitwallet Service Group of Singapore.

Easy-to-use online wallet service

bitwallet allows users to exchange currency within the wallet. Users can also pay each other in currency (USD, JPY, EUR, AUD) with just one coin (1 USD, 100 JPY, 1 EUR, 1 AUD). In addition, the easy-to-view and user-friendly user interface makes it simple to manage your account. In this way, bitwallet offers a convenient online wallet service. In this way, bitwallet offers a convenient online wallet service.

For payments between users, the recipient must be a registered corporation or sole proprietorship, and the payment must be used for business purposes.

A wide variety of deposit services

bitwallet offers a wide variety of deposit services, including five types of credit/debit cards, VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, and Discover Card. Deposits by domestic and overseas transfers are also supported. In addition to competitive fees, bitwallet is an easy, fast, and secure online wallet service.

High level of security

At bitwallet, we place the highest priority on security measures, which are indispensable for online wallets. We have achieved a high level of security thorough security checks at the time of transfer. To prevent unauthorized use of credit cards and financial transactions, we have introduced World-check, a globally trusted solution, for screening.

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