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E-money is electronic money that can be used to make payments using a special electronic money card or mobile wallet instead of cash or credit card payments.


E signature is a technology that uses public key cryptography and hash functions to prove that a digital document was “definitely created by the sender” and “that it has not been altered”. It can be said to be an alternative to the signature and seal used for analog documents.


ECB stands for European Central Bank, established in June 1998 and headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. It is responsible for monetary policy in the euro area, specifically the formulation and implementation of monetary policy, the issuance and management of euros, the conduct of foreign exchange operations, and the smooth operation of the payment and settlement system.


When important information such as email or credit card numbers is transmitted over the internet, they are converted in such a way that they cannot be understood even if they are viewed en route, which is called encryption.

exchange fee

The exchange fee is the fee charged for converting your currency into a foreign currency. The exchange fee is paid to the financial institution that requested the exchange. The need to pay this fee arises when traveling abroad or when purchasing goods denominated in a foreign currency.

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