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Please beware of phishing email.


Thank you for using bitwallet.

we have identified phishing emails that tries to portray themselves as bitwallet.
If you receive any suspicious phishing email, please delete it immediately without clicking the link or downloading the attachment.

How to identity suspicious phishing emails

Please check if there is a difference in the domain.

  • Our official domain is “”.
  • The email domain from us is “@”.
  • Even if the sender of the email is displayed as “bitwallet”, it may be a spoofed email.
    If you find the content unfamiliar, please be careful and do not to click on the link.

Example of correct URL and email address


Examples of incorrect URLs and email addresses

  • (“” is the domain for this URL)
  • (The same applies even if you are using a subdomain, “” is the domain)
  • (こちらのURLでは「」がドメインとなります)
  • (The same applies even if you are using a subdomain, “” is the domain)
  • (In this URL, “” is the domain)
  • (“” is the domain for this email address)

Reference: Example of suspicious email

The method of retrieving e-mail addresses and passwords by guiding customers to fake websites and encouraging them to log in is called “phishing scam”.
This is an example of a phishing email that tricked us. (The actual link destination has changed)


[] Thank you for using the Internet service.

The email address is [] and is flagged for deletion.

Follow the link below to upgrade your service.
   → Similar to our domain “”, but because the domain is different, it will be skipped to other sites

We will continue to provide better services to our customers.

Thank you for your continued support

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Other safety measures examples

Please set up 2-step verification in case you enter your login ID or password on an unauthorized site.
Please bookmark our website in advance and do not click links such as phishing emails and suspicious sites.

We will continue to aim to provide services that can be used by as many people as possible, and we will further enhance the content and provide wallets that are easier to use.
Thank you for your continued support.

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