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Notice of Part of Change in API Specification


Thank you for using bitwallet as your ideal payment solution.
We would like to inform users of the new Transaction ID that will be introduced on our platform starting from 4th February 2019 (Mon). Unlike the current Transaction ID that are made up of solely numbers, the new Transaction ID will contain a set of numbers and letters that may be in lower or upper case.
In view of the above, the following changes will be applied to the API Specification:

What are the changes?

The API response placed in the transid column will include alphanumeric characters.

Former transid: 123456
New transid: V4fA2

Changes to API actions

  • Customer Payment (/payin/)
  • Customer Transfer (/payout/)

For a detailed API Specification reference, visit the page below.
bitwallet Merchant API Specification

We appreciate your confirmation of the necessary changes to ensure a smooth experience of our payment services.

Thank you for your continued support as our bitwallet team will strive to provide an efficient and versatile digital wallet service that suits a wider range of audience.

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