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bitwallet, providing payment solutions in 4 top traded currencies (USD, JPY, EUR and AUD).
A digital wallet equipped with world class security.

The most intuitive wallet

bitwallet enables user transactions in various currencies. The safest and most versatile digital wallet service.

bitwallet is fully PCI DSS(*) compliant and strictly adheres to the PCI Standard in providing a higher level of data security and protecting user information on the payment platform. Deposit in 4 major currencies (USD, JPY, EUR, AUD) safely.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is the global card security standard and are developed and maintained by 5 major international credit card brands: American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard and VISA to enhance cardholder data security.

Deposit just the way you like it

Brand new ways of deposit awaits in bitwallet.

Aside from the conventional credit card deposit service, users can now enjoy bitwallet’s bank deposit service from various countries. Experience a more swift and accurate transaction to wallet account when you deposit via internet banking or ATM.

The most intuitive walletDeposit just the way you like it

bitwallet Service

Top-up to pay in various ways Currency

bitwallet supports various methods of bank transfers, making payments from your bank account to merchants seamless and effortless.

bitwallet also adheres to the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) when handling all your payment data, ensuring the security and protection of your financial information.

Instant reflection! Currency

With bitwallet, we promise to add funds to your wallet account in real time for all payment transactions.

For deposit(s) that require our attention, such as bank transfers, we will notify you within 15minutes after your funds have arrived at bitwallet’s bank account. Successfully deposited funds will be reflected in your bitwallet account (express payment) upon confirmation.

Fast transfer to your bank account Currency

With bitwallet, we will promptly process your withdrawal request U.S. dollars, Japanese yen, European euros, and Australian dollars.

To ensure users can receive funds instantly, we are connected to major banks all around the world, enabling swift processing of transaction.

Our company strictly works towards to preventing money laundering. As such, users first have to verify their identity with supporting identity documents and proof of address during the collection of Know-Your-Client (KYC). Users may also have to submit copy of their credit card and recipient bank account information before account activation.

Simple transfer with bitwallet OneCoin Remittance Currency

Enjoy fast and simple remittance service with just one-coin (1 USD, 100 JPY, 1 EUR, 1 AUD) when you send money using bitwallet.

The payer will bear the fee.

Process in real time 24 hours, 365 days.

OneCoin Payment™

1 USD or 100 JPY or 1 EUR or 1 AUD

OneCoin Payment is Bitwallet Service Group registered trademark.

(※1)note: onecoin payment at top

Exchange at the best rate Currency

With bitwallet, you can now exchange currency in USD, JPY, EUR, AUD to others at the most satisfied rate.

Supposingly you are withdrawing to a Japan Bank but the only currency you have is in USD. Simply exchange at bitwallet to prevent incurring high exchange charges from bank. Available in all 4 currencies, 24/7, real-time processing.

bitwallet Accounts

Personal Account

Discover an easy and seamless experience when you make payment to users or merchants with bitwallet. Your personal currency wallet account equipped with the highest security standard in the industry.

Business Account

Simplify payment procedures for your e-commerce store. Receive all payments by bank, credit card or through the available currency services at bitwallet.

Merchant Account

Enhance your existing deposit and withdrawal service by integrating our payment solution to your website. Managing of transactions made simpler with bitwallet.

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On normal business working hours, the confirmation work will be completed in a minimum of 30 minutes. Once it has been verified and approved, your account information will be sent to you via e-mail.

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