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Osaifu-Keitai (Mobile wallet) is a mobile phone equipped with a contactless IC chip called a FeliCa chip. It is very convenient because payment can be made by simply holding the device over a reader at a station ticket gate or at the cash register of a convenience store.

overseas remittance

Overseas remittance refers to the act of transferring money to an overseas bank account. Money can be sent to organizations such as schools and companies, as well as to individuals such as family members and acquaintances. To send money from Japan to someone already abroad, the recipient must have an account abroad.

overseas travel accident insurance

Overseas travel accident insurance is an insurance policy that provides support for problems that occur during overseas travel. The coverage includes “accident and illness expenses” to pay for hospital visits due to injury or illness, and “damage to personal belongings” in the event that your belongings are stolen or damaged.

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