Glossary of terms commonly used in the Wallet

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Distributed Denial of Service attack”. A similar term is DoS attack, which stands for “Denial of Service attack”. The literal translation is denial of service attack.


The phenomenon in which the value of money increases and the value of goods decreases is called deflation. It is the opposite phenomenon of inflation, in which the value of goods increases.


A deposit is a bond or security payment. It may be paid at the beginning of the service, or it may be included in the purchase price of the goods. Since it is a deposit, it is refundable at the end of the service or when the goods are returned.

digital signature (e-signature)

Digital signature is a technology that uses public key cryptography and hash functions to prove that a digital document was “definitely created by the sender” and “that it has not been altered”. It can be said to be an alternative to the signature and seal used for analog documents.

double card

A double card is a type of credit card issued in partnership between a credit card company and a retailer such as a supermarket, and is also called a co-branded card. The issued double card can be used not only at the affiliated stores, but also at any card participating stores nationwide.

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