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cardmember agreement

The cardmember agreement is the terms and conditions that define the behavior to be followed when using a credit card. The cardmember agreement is found in the contract you review when you apply for a credit card. The cardmember agreement is in place to detect theft and unauthorized use.”

cash advance

Cash advance is the process of borrowing cash using a credit card’s cash advance facility. The card can be used by inserting it into ATMs of banks and other affiliated financial institutions, cash dispensers of affiliated companies, and ATMs and multimedia terminals at convenience stores.


CLABE Account Number” and is assigned to each bank account in Mexican financial institutions. It consists of the bank code (3 digits) + city code (3 digits) + account number (11 digits) + check digit (1 digit), for a total of 18 digits.

classic card

A classic card is one way to refer to a credit card. It can be used to describe the rank of the card, like gold card or platinum card.


Concierge is a support service available with Platinum and higher cards. It can respond to many requests such as hotel reception, tourist information, and airline ticket and ticketing arrangements. The service is available 24/7, so you can use it anytime.


Cooling-off is a special system to protect consumers as stipulated in the Specified Commercial Transactions Act and other laws. It covers contracts in surprise transactions such as door-to-door sales, and contracts in complex and high-risk transactions such as pyramid schemes.

corporate card

A corporate card is a credit card for corporations, especially for large companies. Similarly, corporate credit cards, also called business cards, are for small and medium-sized companies and sole proprietors.

correspondent bank

When money is transferred between banks within the same country, usually only the balance of the account at the country’s central bank is written down, not the actual cash transport.

credit history

Credit history is the history of credit card usage registered with credit bureaus. In general, personal identification information such as name and gender, and contract details such as contract date and product name are registered.

credit saver

A credit saver is an insurance policy that waives payment of unpaid charges when the insured becomes unable to pay credit card charges due to certain circumstances, such as death of the insured.

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