Glossary of terms commonly used in the Wallet


4 Information

3D Secure

3D Secure is an authentication system developed by ViISA International for secure credit card transactions over the Internet. 3D Secure is used by VISA, MasterCard, and JCB, and is collectively called 3D Secure, although the name differs for each brand.


Skimming is the act of obtaining unauthorized information from another person’s credit card or cash card and using a counterfeit card made from that information to illegally withdraw cash.


Generally, the term “spam” refers to the sending of bulk, indiscriminate, and mass messages that do not conform to the recipient’s intentions (e.g., unsolicited email), and in a broader sense, the act of spamming itself.

SWIFT code

SWIFT code is a financial institution identification code established by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) and is used by the sending bank to identify the receiving bank. It is also known as a “SWIFT address” or “BIC code”.

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