Glossary of terms commonly used in the Wallet


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Concierge is a support service available with Platinum and higher cards. It can respond to many requests such as hotel reception, tourist information, and airline ticket and ticketing arrangements. The service is available 24/7, so you can use it anytime.

corporate card

A corporate card is a credit card for corporations, especially for large companies. Similarly, corporate credit cards, also called business cards, are for small and medium-sized companies and sole proprietors.

correspondent bank

When money is transferred between banks within the same country, usually only the balance of the account at the country’s central bank is written down, not the actual cash transport.

gold card

A gold card is a card with a higher grade of service than a regular credit card. The card is called a gold card because of its gold-colored face.

Personal Credit Information Center

The Personal Credit Information Center is an organization that records and manages personal credit information in order to facilitate consumer credit. Personal credit information includes one’s attributes, credit card and cash advance contract status, and transaction status such as borrowing and repayment.

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