Glossary of terms commonly used in the Wallet


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FRB stands for “Federal Reserve Board” and refers to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, which, under the FRS (Federal Reserve System), oversees the Federal Reserve Banks in major cities across the country and is positioned as the central bank of the United States.

unembossed card

An unembossed card is a credit card that does not have an embossed surface like an e-money card. The surface of a typical credit card is embossed with text indicating “card number, name, and expiration date,” which is used when printing slips with an imprinter used for payment.

Yen exchange handling fee

The yen exchange handling fee is charged when sending money overseas in yen without converting it into a foreign currency. In the case of a normal overseas remittance in which money is sent in foreign currency, exchange fees must be paid, but in the case of remittances in yen, no exchange fees are charged because money is not converted into foreign currency.

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