How does wallet deposit work?

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  • Withdraw

  • Payment

  • Exchange

    • Deposit to Wallet

    • Amount to Store

    • Withdraw from Wallet

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Deposit to bitwallet via available methods such as credit card, bank transfer and more, equipped with the most advanced security features. Experience world class payment service at no cost.

  • Deposit in various ways
    • Currency

    Deposit to bitwallet with 6 different credit card brands, international bank transfer (Japan and Overseas). Minimize exchange charges with any of the methods as you set up direct deposit in the preferred currency.

    bitwallet is also PCI-DSS(*1) compliant and adheres to the PCI Standard in providing a higher level of data security.

    • The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) are founded by America Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard and VISA and they share equally in maintaining and securing cardholder data.


  • Instant reflection!
    • Currency

    In bitwallet, all deposit transactions via credit and debit cards are secured by the system and funds will be added to the wallet account real time. For deposit(s) that require our attention, such as bank transfers, we will notify you in 50 minutes at the earliest after your funds have arrived at bitwallet’s bank account. Successfully deposited funds will be reflected in your bitwallet account upon confirmation.(※1)

    • This does not include the time taken for the funds to arrive from your bank to our bank.

bitwallet Deposit Fees

Fiat Deposit

Deposit Method Brand Deposit Fee Deposit amount
per transaction
Reflect in account
Credit/Debit Card
  • VISA
  • master card
8% of the amount 10.00 ~ 5,000.00 USD1,000 ~ 500,000 JPY10.00 ~ 5,000.00 EUR10.00 ~ 5,000.00 AUD
(per card monthly) (※2)
Real time
Credit/Debit Card Other card brands 8.5% of the amount Real time
Joint Bank Account (Japan)
  • RISONA Bank
Free(※1) Unlimited Minimum 50 minutes
  • Surcharges apply for bank transfer or intermediary bank transfer fee.
  • Once you have completed the approval process (upload the front and back of the card), you can use the card.

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