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New GMO Aozora Net Bank direct deposit to bitwallet is available

New GMO Aozora Net Bank direct deposit to bitwallet is available



Dear Valued users,

Thank you for using bitwallet and your continuous support for us.

We are pleased to inform you that you may now directly deposit from Aozora Net Bank to bitwallet.

GMO Aozora Net Bank have two different types of accounts for bitwallet, namely a general joint bank account for all bitwallet users and dedicated personal accounts for each customer.

For accounts that are dedicated to each customer, you will be given your own account number after applying through Aozora Net Bank direct deposit page upon logging in.
Once approved, you can skip entering your account identification number and name and deposit directly to us immediately.
This method is much safer and convenient compared to depositing through a general account for all users.

*Joint bank account for all bitwallet users
Customers should enter the account number along with their name for identification purposes when depositing to bitwallet.

Kindly take this opportunity to use the newly added GMO Aozora Bank for future deposits.

Thank you for your continued support as our bitwallet team will strive to provide an efficient and versatile digital wallet service to suit a wider range of audience.

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